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BGT3540: 6 in 1 - Dual digital satellite, Dual digital terrestrial, Dual analogue terrestrial: PCI express card

The ultimate Media Center hardware TV accessory.
Hardware supports: Dual digital satellite (DVB-S), dual Freeview (DVT-T) & dual analogue terrestrial.
Learn the requirements to watch and record HDTV with this product.
Low profile solution supports half and full height PC systems.

The perfect Vista & XP Media Center TV partner solution:
1. 32 and 64 bit Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) drivers
2. Microsoft approved development partner designed DVB-S driver enabling full dual DVB-S tuner support for Windows Media Center
3. Microsoft developed Electronic Program Guide support for DVB-S
4. Media Center remote control support via on-board IR interface (option)
5. External video equipment connection support via 2 x S-video inputs
The product has been architected to allow simultaneous management of four broadcast program streams – digital satellite (DVB-S), Freeview (DVB-T) & analogue terrestrial. Hardware tuner and demodulator technology supports the detection, receiving and processing of High Definition (HD) terrestrial/satellite streams (Not DVB-T2). The driver pack design allows operation with the broadest selection of PVR and Media Center applications; permitting the viewing, pausing and recording of multiple programs - dependent on the flexibility of the application.

UK operation supports all available Free-To-Air channels, currently:
300+ digital satellite (DVB-S) TV and radio channels
70+ Freeview TV and radio channels
All available analogue TV channels.  

Rock solid reliability - BlackGold is an accredited Microsoft development partner and provides Microsoft approved drivers.

The world’s smallest (6 in 1 tuner) half high card design enable this product to grace even the smallest and sleekest entertainment PC’s.

Low power consumption and a silent running fan-less design ensure those PC’s can be whisper quiet and environmentally friendly.

Supplied with interchangeable half and full height brackets to accommodate all PC enclosure types.

2 x S-video auxiliary inputs, 1 via rear panel mini DIN socket and the other via an internal pin header, are provided to enable viewing from external video sources, or to enable the digitisation of old analogue TV recordings or home movies for storage or archiving to hard drive or DVD.
The supplied Microsoft approved BGT3540 driver supports both the 32 bit, and for those requiring the ultimate performance, 64 bit versions of Windows Vista and XP.

Microsoft partner developed MCE DVB-S driver enables satellite operation with EPG for Windows Media Center. 

The optional BlackGold Remote Control application and hand-held controller functions as a Windows Media Center remote control.

Watch, record and pause multiple Freeview (DVB-T) TV channels SIMULTANEOUSLY with the optional BlackGold Ultimate PVR application.

Support for multiple BGT3540 card installations.

This peerless product is custom designed to provide the finest TV image and sound quality. Specially produced to satisfy the most demanding Videophile the BGT3540 is the only choice for an ultimate spec Media Centre PC.

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Driver - XP Download
Driver Vista 32bit Download
Driver Vista 64bit Download

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