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We aim to reply within 48 hours.  However, at busy times this may take longer.  Especially following weekends, when we get a high volume of mail.  Please assist us in managing our email volume and response times by not chasing immediately.




Windows 8 - BGT36xx Driver Release:


We have released a new beta version of drivers, which address a number of issues with Windows 8.   Please see the link on the Current Drivers page below:


Linux - BGT36xx Source Code Release:


A major new source release has been completed.  Please see the link on the Current Drivers page below:



UK Digital Switchover:


Many regions are now carrying out transmitter engineering work in preparation for Digital Switchover.  This may result in lower signal power on some channels, movement of channels  and / or interruption of transmission.

If you do experience reception problems, it is worth checking if engineering work is being carried out on your transmitter.  Of course, once switchover occurs, you will need to perform a retune as the channels will move. 


The Digital UK site below gives details of planned engineering work relating to switchover, but does not detail all maintenance or all engineering work.
The BBC site below gives details of other maintenance work which may be occuring via a tool which helps to diagnose reception problems.


Digital UK - Planned Transmitter Engineering work

BBC Routine Transmitter Engineering work



Email problems:


We are currently experiencing some difficulties with outgoing email being blocked by some servers. Particularily the high user ones such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol etc. etc.

In addition we are finding that some have not correctly entered their email address in the online form.  Whilst some we are able to correct, it is not always possible to guess the correct address.


Please ensure you enter your email correctly.  You should receive a reply withing 4 days at worst.  If you have not, please double check you have entered the correct email and try again.  We may have replied, but to an undeliverable address.  Alternatively email us direct at


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